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What Can I Do to Prevent Students from Guessing or Moving Forward Without Reading in Shoelace Games?



  • Boke Borjiet

    I'm not a teacher but a lot and I mean a lot of kids in my class just guess answers to get challenges, grow reveries upgrade buildings and get rewards

  • Jessie Matthews

    It took no time for my daughter to figure out that she can guess any answer and get it wrong so when the question repeats the next time she just clicks the answer she didn't pick last time. Cheating this way could be prevented if the game was designed to ask a new question after getting a wrong answer.

  • Kate Szirmay-Kalos

    Hello Jessie! 

    Can you please create a ticket at with the username of the student who has experienced repeating questions! Depending on the grade level of the student repeating questions will occur to ensure an understanding of the passage is created! 

  • Mai Tran

    ight I have a question though. so I have been getting kind of stressed because I'm trying to get all the pets in the game. I have three of them all at their max evolutions, and I need two more of the pets. Is it possible that there might be a cheat where I can become a member for free that you can possibly know about for me? or a cheat to where I can get More Mcoins So I have enough to buy the pets I'm needing to get?.


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